PETER FRITZELL, MD, PhD, Associate professor in Orthopedics at Strömstad Academy since 23 November 2012

Personal data:          Date of birth: Dec 08, 1948

Departments:      1. Capio St Göran Ortopedklinik, and Futurum Academy for Safety and Quality in Health Care. Orthpaedic spine surgeon
2. Uppsala University, Associate professor

Institute:               1. Ryhov hospital, Futurum Academy, both in Jönköping, Sweden
2. Uppsala University, Sweden

Adress:                 1. S:t Göransplan 1, 112 81 Stockholm
2. Uppsala University, S:t Olofsgatan  10, B753 12, Uppsala 

Telephone:              Mobil phone: +46-70-570 48 43, Ryhovs Hospital/Futurum:
0046-36-32 50 57
Uppsala University: 018-471 00 00 begin_of_the_skype_highlighting 

Email:                ,

Peter Fritzell graduated from medical school at Gothenburg University in 1976. PF was registered as Doctor in 1976. He defended his thesis Lumbar fusion vs. nonsurgical treatment in patients with CLBP, in 2002, and was appointed associate professor at Uppsala University in 2006. PF is working as the manager for the Swedish national spine register (Swespine:, which is owned by the Swedish society of Spinal Surgeons ( PF is engaged in several research projects dealing mostly with cost-effectiveness in the treatment of spinal stenosis and total disc replacement in patients with CLBP, and also register studies. PF is since 2012 working as a teacher/researcher in the “Futurum, the academy for Quality and Safety in health care” in the County of Jönköping, Sweden, and since March 2016 at Capio St Göran Hospital Stockholm.

 Between 2012-2015, PF was working 20% as orthopedic surgeon at Ryhov Hospital (NOC), 20% in Futurum Academy, and 50% as director of the national spine surgery register, “Swespine”. From Jan 2016 PF is working 70% as register manager, and 10% as researcher at Futurum and NOC. Since March 2016 PF is working at St Göran Hospital, Stockholm both as a clinician and as a researcher

 Previous/ongoing appointments

1998 – ongoing. Register manager of Swedish spine register (

2016 Engaged at Capio St Göran to create a scientific platform for future studies

2008-2011 “Lektor”/Tutor Center for clinical research Dalarna

2007 - Associate professor Center for clinical research Dalarna/Uppsala University

2004-2006 Chairman Swedish society of spinal surgeons

2002-2011 Researcher, tutor Center for clinical research Dalarna (Lektor)

2002-2006 Postdoctoral research activity at Center for clinical research Dalarna

1998-2016 Manager of the Swedish national spine register, Swespine

1995-2000 Project leader of “Low back pain project” in Dalarna, Sweden. Treatment – Cooperation – Logistics – Results in a Swedish county.

1994-1996 Chairman Swedish society of spinal surgeons

 Publications/some examples;

 PF has published over 40 original articles, editorials, several reports and treatment guidelines. Examples:

 1. Försth P, Ólafsson G, Carlsson T, Frost A, Borgström F, Fritzell P, Öhagen P, Michaëlsson K, Sandén B. A Randomized, Controlled Trial of Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis. N Engl J Med. 2016 Apr 14;374(15):1413-23.

 2. Hedlund R, Johansson C, Hägg O, Fritzell P, Tullberg T; Swedish Lumbar Spine Study Group. The long-term outcome of lumbar fusion in the Swedish lumbar spine study. Spine J. 2016 May;16(5):579-87.

3. Omair A, Mannion AF, Holden M, Leivseth G, Fairbank J, Hägg O, Fritzell P, Brox JI. Age and pro-inflammatory gene polymorphisms influence adjacent segment disc degeneration more than fusion does in patients treated for chronic low back pain. Eur Spine J. 2016 Jan;25(1):2-13.

 4. Mannion AF, Leivseth G, Brox JI, Fritzell P, Hägg O, Fairbank JC. ISSLS Prize winner: Long-term follow-up suggests spinal fusion is associated with increased adjacent segment disc degeneration but without influence on clinical outcome: results of a combined follow-up from 4 randomized controlled trials. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2014 Aug 1;39(17):1373-83.

 5. Fritzell P, Ohlin A, Borgström F. Cost-effectiveness of balloon kyphoplasty versus standard medical treatment in patients with osteoporotic vertebral compression fracture: a Swedish multicenter randomized controlled trial with 2-year follow-up. Spine (Phila Pa 1976). 2011 Dec 15;36(26):2243-51.

 6. Fritzell P, Berg S, Borgström F, Tullberg T, Tropp H. Cost effectiveness of disc prosthesis versus lumbar fusion in patients with chronic low back pain: randomized controlled trial with 2-year follow-up. Eur Spine J. 2011 Jul;20(7):1001-1

 7. Fritzell P, Hägg O, Wessberg P, Nordwall A; Swedish Lumbar Spine Study Group.
2001 Volvo Award Winner in Clinical Studies: Lumbar fusion versus nonsurgical treatment for chronic low back pain: a multicenter randomized controlled trial from the Swedish Lumbar Spine Study Group. Spine 2001 Dec 1;26(23):2521-32

 Some ongoing studies 2016

 Health Economy:

  1. Cost-effectiveness: Disc prosthesis vs un-instrumented lumbar fusion in patients with chronic low back pain. The Scandinavian multicenter study. Rikshospitalet Köpenhamn, Falun Hospital, Göteborg Spine Center. In manuscript

 Lumbar Disc Herniation and Pain:

  1. "Disc Herniation, pain and pathogens. A genetic investigation of extracted lumbar disc herniations. Cooperational research project between the orthopaedic departments in Sundsvall, Örebro, Linköping, KS Huddinge, Spine Center Göteborg, and Malmö. Sweden

  2. PROM i Swespine. En validering av använda mått. Samarbete med RCSO, QRC och Swespine.


     4.    Livskvalitet och funktion rapporterade i nationella register av patienter ett år efter att de opererats i ländryggen för diskbråck, spinal stenos, och kronisk ryggsmärta - samt resultatjämförelse med kliniska studier. En internationell registerstudie i samarbete mellan Sverige-Norge-Danmark-Holland

 International meetings/missions

 PF is presenting studies and giving lectures at international meetings such as Eurospine and NASS

 PF is used as reviewer in international journals such as the European Spine Journal