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  Strömstad Academy was commenced as an Institute for Advanced Study in September 2008. The principal aim of the
  academy is to be an academic platform for emeriti- retired university professors - but also younger persons with
  academic background are welcome (our youngest fellow is born in 1977).

  Postal address: Strömstad Academy, SE-45280 Strömstad, Sweden.
  Phone direct +46 5261 9164, switchboard +46 5261 9000
  Email address akademi@stromstad.se.

  The Fellows of the Academy are given - also in English - in the page Fellows.

  Strömstad is a small but very beautiful Swedish town, situated on the Atlantic midway between the Norwegian
  capital Oslo and Sweden's second largest city, Göteborg (Gothenburg).

  Strömstad Academy is basically a virtual university, but it has a real home in Strömstad City Hall, shown on the
  start page. Present basic activity is to develop the Academy's academic strength, and applicants with a background
  in an accredit University are welcome to apply for fellowship as Professor, Associate Professor, Assistant Professor,
  Research Associate, or Research Assistant. Positions are un-salaried, and Fellows pay a nominal yearly fee.
  Presently (September 2013), well over 60 Fellows belong to Strömstad Academy; see Fellows.

  A yearly Academic Festival is arranged in Strömstad, where Fellows present their research and other activities, and
  also new Fellows are inaugurated and receive the diploma of their appointment. The first such festival was held
  26-27 June 2009, and the following late in June every year.

  Click the Swedish flag for information in Swedish.

  (updated 10 September 2013 LB)