Aktuellt från Strömstad akademi: Nr 13 2012



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Den milda sommaren fortsätter här i Bohuslän, Strömstad akademis vagga. Det regnar och regnar. Det är så blött i skogen att man måste ha kanot för att plocka de sista trattkantarellerna. Men som framgår av rektorsbrevet nedan är den mentala årstiden en annan i Strömstad akademi: vi befinner oss redan i sommartid, 2013. Många viktiga åtaganden ligger också framför oss.


Den nyligen timade bokmässan har satt sina spår: tinnitus. Som vår rektor skriver var det ett herrans oväsen på denna mässa. Vi försökte göra oss hörda men såvida det inte fanns några läppläsare i vår fåtaliga, högst mobila publik gick inget fram. Vi vägde lätt mot Guillou och grabbarna.


Så var valkampanjen i USA över. Sällan har så många pseudohändelser trängts om utrymmet i media. Åsikter som paraderar som fakta, meningslösa debatter mellan kandidaterna – de liknar mer tennismatcher, till oigenkännlighet förenklade frågeställningar samt frånvaron av viktiga ämnen som klimatet, ’collateral damage’ orsakade av drönarnas verksamhet i Pakistan, Jemen och Somalia, Guantánamo o s v. Allt blir till yta och reklam – en konstruerad samtid.

För flera år sedan satt jag på en uteservering i Central Park, N.Y. En mor med barnvagn slog sig ner vid mitt bord. För att bryta tystnaden lutande jag mig över barnvagnen och sa ’My, that’s a beautiful baby you have there’. Modern svarade ’Oh, that’s nothing – you should see his photography’. 


Nästa nyhetsbrev utkommer i december. Deadline för bidrag till detta brev är 13/12. Jag uppmanar er alla att bidra till årets sista nyhetsbrev! Sänd era texter till gunnar.windahl@stromstadakademi.se



News from Strömstad Academy Rector November 2012



Dear Strömstad Academy Fellows: Winter is approaching which means that we are getting closer to 2013 and especially the summer of 2013. Next year’s Academic Festival will take place from Monday 24 June to Wednesday 26 June. On Monday, we will have a late afternoon annual meeting followed by a reception, both at the Strömstad City Hall. On Tuesday, the day will be filled with paper sessions, inauguration of new Fellows, and a joint dinner. On Wednesday, we will have a study tour to Østfold in nearby Norway. There we will visit the new science centre Insperia as well as the university Høgskolen in Østfold, where we both will learn about current activities and meet the University Rector. Please note the dates in your calendar – I hope this is an event you don’t want to miss!


The Strömstad Science Days are arranged in co-operation between Strömstad Academy, Strömstad community, and Strömstad Gymnasium (senior high school) 9-10 August. Fellows of the Academy will (hopefully before the end of 2012) be invited to suggest lectures and panels. The auditorium will consist of teachers from Strömstad and possibly neighboring communities plus the general public.



Some events have happened this fall: On 27-30 September, Strömstad Academy participated in the Göteborg Book and Library Fair with a small booth that we shared with four small publishing firms. Fellows Anders Gustavsson, Ingrid Liljeroth, Aadu Ott, Olev Ott, Gunnar Windahl and myself participated with oral presentations – thanks to you all. Unfortunately, we didn’t have much of a chance to make ourselves heard in this chaotic environment, nor did hardly anyone stopped by and showed interest in us. It was a nice try, but our Board has decided not to participate next year.



On 8 October, the Academy’s board met in two places, Hamburgsund (near Strömstad) and Falun, connected via Google+. The minutes (in Swedish) are attached as pdf-file, but here are the highlights: - Georg Granér, Sven Moosberg, Gunnar Windahl, Sven Erik Skønberg, Lars Broman, Markku Jääskeläinen, and Bo Djörke participated.

- We will arrange Science Days together with Strömstad community and Strömstad Gymnasium 9-10 August. Gunnar, Sven and the Gymnasium Rector handle this.

- We will arrange an Academic Festival late in June 2013.- Acta Academiae Stromstadiensis will have an Editorial Board consisting of Gunnar, Markku, and Sven.

- An economic plan was presented By Bo and accepted.

- Lars continues for some time to handle our URL. Our IT-group Georg, Markku, and Bo continues their development work.

- We will not have a special 5-year anniversary 2013, but plan for a major event 2018.

- A spring meeting in Copenhagen is preliminary planned for 6 May; Bodil Frisdal and Asger Høeg arrange this.

- Markku is responsible for a Fellow recruiting campaign.

- Markku and Georg shall spread knowledge to Fellows of how to use Google+ to Fellows.

- Strategy, goal and future were discussed at some length. Sven Erik stressed the importance of financial sponsors. Lars writes a 2-page presentation to be used.

- Collaboration with University West was discussed.

- Next board meeting 13 January-13 at 1300.

You can request the full protocol in Swedish from lars.broman@stromstadakademi.se.



On 26 October, Aadu, Gunnar and myself represented Strömstad Academy at the University West Academic Festival in Trollhättan. It was a quite large event with over 200 participants. During the Festival, University West’s Vice Chancellor and I signed a Memorandum of Understanding, our first MoU with a Nordic University. We have previously an MoU with Moscow Educational University and Sven Erik has proposed to the Rector of Østfold University that an MoU is signed with them as well.



Several new reports have been added to the Acta Academiae Stromstadiensis series this fall. You find them easy as pdf-files at the homepage www.stromstadakademi.se. As you can see, the number of pages varies between 11 and 155. Languages are so far English and Swedish; reports in other languages need a summary and figure captions in English. Reports are published electronically as pdf files, which can be downloaded free. A few copies are printed for major Swedish university libraries, so they can be given ISBN numbers.


Academy Fellows are encouraged to publish reports in the AAS series. Please send a suggestion or a complete manuscript to gunnar.windahl@stromstad.se. The topic can be scientific, popular scientific, scientific reviews, educational texts and scientific debate. The Editorial Board will accept a wide variety of interesting topics, as long as they are in accordance with the present scientific view. Note also that we cannot publish texts identical to what is published in journals which won’t accept simultaneous publication elsewhere.



Johan Vestlund was appointed as Research Associate in Solar Energy Technology on 19/11-12

Gunnar Windahl was promoted to Assistant Professor in Psychology 19/11-12

Bo Helgeson was appointed to Professor of Human Work Science on 21/11-12

Our new Fellows are greeted welcome and our promoted Fellow is congratulated!



As a Fellow, you can apply for research grants to be administrated by Strömstad Academy. The application should be signed by you as project leader and of me as Rector. Count with an overhead of 12%. Before signing the application I will let our Treasurer Bo Djörke check the budget of the application. Some of you have recently written to me on possible applications-to-be. If you want to discuss an application in process, feel free to contact me at lars.broman@stromstadakademi.se.


With best regards/Lasse.